Daphne Selfe (82), the grandmother of four, started her work for the fashion industry over 60 years ago, but at the age of 82 she is more popular than she’s ever been.

Daphne in her 20s.
At 20 Daphne won a local modeling competition and became a house model for clothing manufacturers. She had a decent career for about five years, but then nothing special happened for a long time. Her break came in 1998, when she got spotted by Models 1 - one of the world’s largest modeling agencies. It was the start of her new career, one that was a lot more glamorous than she’d ever known. She appeared in Vogue, Marie Claire and worked for high-street brands such as Nivea, Olay and Dolce &Gabbana. Daphe does yoga to keep fit, eats large amounts of fruits, vegetables and fish, drinks plenty of water. She doesn’t feel a day over 60 and never had any cosmetic surgery done.

Jacquie Tajah Murdock (82) is one of the latest stars of Lanvin's Fall/Winter 2012 campaign.  
'I grew up in Harlem always wanting to be a model, but in my day there were very little opportunities for women of color to work in fashion. At 18 I went from agent to agent looking for jobs, even as a hand model. I have finally made it and I will never give up'.

What can I say? Beautiful women will always be beautiful.
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PRADA Spring/Summer 2013 Collection - Flower-Power Glasses & Geisha Shoes

PRADA Spring/Summer 2013 fashion collection is a surprisingly consistent and somewhat visionary project. Taking inspiration from a unique fusion of 60s flower patterns and Japanese minimalism, it comes up with a little bohemian, but definitely posh concept of a postmodern geisha. Narrowing down the colour range to red, black and white only has created very simplistic, eye-catching and extremely elegant aesthetics for the entire range of clothes. Focused on gadgets - handbags, shoes and flower glasses - the collection brings fun into the world of classics.

Although geisha shoes are not very practical in the real life, they look good, original and have been a part of a consequent vision. All other PRADA clothes and accessories for this season arewearable and on the whole theyjust look good. If you don't like everything, getting one top or a handbag will be enough to mix and match with other clothes in your wardrobe and create a unique style with a bit of a posh element to it all. Most of the designs will look presentable on me or you at a business meeting, party or a lunch with our gran and their usability and elegance is a big plus. After all fashion should be somewhat practical for people in the real world, too.

Quirky gadgets are the strength of this collection also from the marketing point of view, because we all love the way they help us stand out and  how we can play around with them. We spend quite a lot of money on them, too. And the flower glasses look like they will sell pretty well this year.

The woman behind this unique collection is Miuccia Prada - the company's owner and the daughter of the brand's legendary pioneer. Being not only a successful business woman, but also a very original fashion designer, she has delivered elegance and fun this season. And that is not the first time. PRADA Fall/Winter 2012 collection has been also far from rubbish and some of its elements (like the flower-power high-heel shoes) marked the beginning of Miuccia's minimalistic floral theme.

CHANEL hula beach bags for 2013 Spring/Summer season definitely make every accessories lover stand out from the crowd. Designed in a maxi and mini version, they will add originality and quirkiness to anything anybody on this planet will ever wear.

As for the big version - finally you would be able to put all of your stuff in one place and take it with you wherever you go. And that is a huge advantage, because we have to admit that we like all our little things in one place and it's a bit of a shame if they don't fit into our tiny party bags leaving with us in a very unpleasant predicament where we have to keep our keys and loose change in the pockets of our skinny jeans which stop looking all that skinny and sexy at that point. I am a huge fan of large handbags, because they solve lots of problems for me.

As for the mini version - it's more practical, but less glamorous.

On the whole it is up to you which size you choose. It is such a wonderful design that it kind of doesn't matter, because both versions are fantastic. They are a statement of originality and wealth. If you want to show off, go the whole way! Get the large one, carry it around proudly and shine like a star!

CHANEL - Peculiar 2013 Marketing Campaign

CHANEL marketing gurus decided to advertise 2013 Spring/Summer Collection in the most peculiar way. The main visual motif chosen for this campaign doesn't depict any female or male characters, no humans at all, only gadgets abandoned in a bright changing room with a bit of a theatrical and dramatic feeling to it.

Other photos from the same promotional session present rather bored models basically vegging out on a minimalistic 60s sofa, with equally minimalistic and rather sad lamp to accompany their lack of enjoyment.

Although I wouldn't promote one of the best fashion brand in the world in this sorry way, I kind of like it, because there is a bit of a sense of humor to it. It seems that CHANEL is trying to aim its' products at a younger market and teenagers with an attitude.