Thursday, 27 February 2014


Books & Comics Selfie Project #2

"BILLIE TEMPLAR'S WAR" by Ellie Irving

Who said that reading novels and writing about them must be boring?

"Billie Templar's WAR" is an amazing and funny story about a naughty girl who becomes a local hero. Written by Ellie Irving, published by Random House children's division - it is a great book not only for the little ones.

Billie lives in Merchant Stanton. Her dad is a British soldier fighting in the Armed Forces abroad. Missing him and wanting him back home she goes to the Buckingham Palace to have a word with the Queen about it. Elisabeth II is away on a holiday though. Unable to meet her Billie decides to bring the head of the country to Merchant Stanton instead. She organizes a military tattoo for the Diamond Jubilee and gets all of the town involved in it. Things go a bit complicated when everybody is ready to perform in front of the Queen but she is not there...

Great novel for parents to read together with their kids.