Monday, 28 September 2015

A Short History Of Tractors in Ukrainian

Nikolai is a 84-year-old immigrant from Ukraine and now a pensioner who came to the UK after the II World War with his wife and 2 daughters - Vera and Nadezhda. Soon after his beloved Ludmilla passes away - crazy old man falls in love with a 34-year-old Valentina and decides to marry her.

Valentina is an Ukrainian pink bunny with a sparkly lip gloss and a matching nail varnish, taste for furs in the summer and high heel shoes with a bit of fluffy material around the front. It is obvious she is after the British citizenship, needs to stay officially married to Nikolai for a few years and ideally produce some offspring in order for her status to become clear and permament. Although the age gap is apparent - the old man does not seem to mind as long as he can enjoy her company and ocassionally play with her wonderful breasts. She seems to be happy as long as Nikolai buys her a Rolls Royce and a gas hob (instead of an electrical one).

Problems start when the Rolls Royce breaks down and the old man can not afford to fix it. He asks his daughters for money. Vera and Nadezhda will not rest untill their pink fake step-mother disappeares from their lives.

The book is a colourful story of war and one complicated family drama. Written by Marina Lewycka and published by Penguin Books - it is a page-turner that will make you laugh and cry - and laugh and cry again.